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2011 Best Wheel's Dyno Day
Blown Boss 302
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 Best Wheels hired AAP to put a Dyno day event at it's location in Lehigh Acres.
We had a great turn out. We dyno tested over 40+ cars! A wide array of imports and domestics showed up.
The main Highlights were a torque monster diesel  dodge truck with over 1,000 lb of torque, also a 320 hp miata, but the one that took the cake was a mazda rx1 with a 13b turbo that made the most horse power at 575 at only 7500 rpm.  However,  because of improper fuel in the car, we were not able to bring the car to the 9000 rpm, the owner allowed us to take it to. The graph showed the horse power was still climbing!!! Some domestics came close like a super charged 2010 camaro.

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